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Affordable Drug Rehab

 Drug Rehab

Affordable drug rehab can help you focus on your recovery.

There are many options available for those suffering from addiction to drugs or alcohol.  Fortunately, may of the rehab programs that are offered in cities and towns throughout the country have affordable rates that are budget friendly even to those who do not have a lot to spend on treatment.  Some of the drug rehab centers offer completely free treatment while others may offer sliding fee scales that make the treatment more affordable to the average user.  Depending on your budget, here’s a look at how you can find some affordable drug rehab programs in your area.

Free or Almost Free Drug Rehab

We’ve all heard the notion that nothing is free but there are actually some rehabs that provide free services such as monitoring and support.  In addition to the possibility of finding free programs such as AA, NA or other 12-step groups, many almost free drug rehab programs also exist.  Some of the almost free programs you can expect to find include community based programs and those set forth by the government.  Unfortunately, many of these programs do require that you have government approval such as state office approval or have been in trouble with the law in order to attend.

Sliding Fees for Affordable Drug Rehab

Another way that you can get affordable drug rehab is to get treatment under a sliding fee scale.  Many rehab centers provide sliding fee structures that allow patients to get help and support on a budget that is based on their income.  The sliding fee changes based on the amount of income and assets an individual has so, for instance, someone with a good job that makes more money may pay 100% of the total cost of rehab while someone with half of that income may only be required to pay half as much.  For many, sliding free structures are one way that drug rehab really can be affordable.

Insurance for Affordable Rehab

Many insurance companies provide coverage for at least some portions of treatment which can make the overall effect of treatment more affordable.  Insurance in most states is required to cover at least some portions of treatment such as detox so it’s important to talk with your insurance provider about the type of coverage that is provided before choosing a rehab center.  Additionally, many private insurance companies also offer coverage for many other services and medications that may be covered in order to make your treatment more affordable.