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Paying for Drug Rehab

Drug Rehab

Paying for drug rehab shouldn’t break your budget.

For many addicts and their families the most difficult idea of drug rehab is paying for the many costs that are associated with treatment.  There are of course the costs of the rehab program itself, the cost of medications and medical care, the cost additional programs and meals.  In addition to these costs, there are also the many costs associated with things like paying the rent or mortgage while in treatment, paying for power or water while in treatment, car payments, insurance, daycare, and all other bills associated with raising a family or taking care of day to day routines.  All of these costs can make the mere thought of paying for drug rehab a nightmare.

Fortunately, there are many options when it comes to paying for drug rehab.  The most beneficial and common options associated with paying for drug rehab include financial assistance from friends or family members, insurance, community based programs, help from church and sliding fee options.  Here’s a look at how each of these methods can help you when it comes to paying for drug rehab.

Friends and Family Members

Friends and family members can help you to pay for drug rehab but it’s not always an easy subject.  If you can get help from your friends or family members to cover even some of the cost of treatment then you can likely find other ways to supplement the remaining cost.  Even if your friends or family members cannot help you pay for the rehab itself, they may be able to help you to cover some of the costs associated with other household chores or issues such as paying your power or light bill while you are in treatment.

Insurance for Drug Rehab

Many insurance companies provide coverage to assist in the payment of drug rehab.  Most state mandated insurance companies provide at least some coverage for drug rehab and for those that do not there are other options.  Ask your insurance company about the types of coverage that are offered to assist you in paying for drug rehab and if you don’t have any coverage, consider applying for an insurance that will cover such costs.

Community Based Programs

Many community based programs will assist you in paying for drug rehab.  For instance, AA, NA and other anonymous classes are free for those who wish to attend and can be a great choice for those looking for a budget friendly way of getting some support and guidance along the way.  Other community based treatment programs may be funded by state or government related methods and can also be of great benefit in helping patients pay for the cost of drug rehab without causing undue financial hardship.

Assistance from Church

If you are a regular member of a church there are often resources available to help those suffering from various health conditions including addiction and your church group may be able to help you.  Ask your local pastor or priest about any programs offered by the church and if there are not any substance abuse related programs, consider talking with the church organization about possibly getting some financial assistance in paying for the cost of drug rehab.

Sliding Fee Options

Most drug rehab programs offer sliding fee options to assist patients in paying for drug rehab even when they don’t really have the ability to pay the full cost of rehabilitation methods.  Sliding free options allow patients to pay a fee for their treatment based on their income and ability to pay.  For some this may relate to mere dollars a day while for others the cost of drug rehab may be higher based on their greater ability to pay for such services.