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Long Term Drug Rehab Programs

Long Term Drug Rehab Program

Long term drug rehab can be your ticket to recovery!

Most long term drug rehab programs span a period of at least 6 months and may even last up to two years.  Individuals in long term drug rehab require extensive treatment and most of all time to heal from their wounds which have resulted from addiction or which may have been present prior to addiction and could be the root cause of the addiction itself.  For patients whose addictions are so severe that the mere thought of using could drive them to the brink of disaster, long term drug rehab programs provide the right level of monitoring, support, care and time to facilitate recovery.

What to Look for in a Long Term Drug Rehab Program

When choosing the type of rehab that is going to be most beneficial to your needs there are a few considerations that you will want to take into account.  First, long term drug rehab typically takes place in an inpatient, residential setting where the patient will remain for the duration of the treatment which is typically a period of one year or more.  For some, this length of time away from family, work or other priorities is not possible but for those who have lost sight of what matters and whose addictions have truly taken over, this length of time may be necessary to provide the best possible change for a full recovery.

There are many other factors to consider when choosing a long term drug rehab including the cost of the program, the services that are provided such as education or work opportunities, and the level of monitoring that is offered.  Each long term drug rehab program is different and will provide a different level of support, monitoring and care so it’s important that you check on these factors prior to making any long term commitments to your own care or to the care for a loved one who is suffering from addiction.

Benefits of Long Term Drug Rehab Programs

Long term drug rehab programs have many benefits but the most profound benefit associated with long term drug rehab programs is of course time.  Long term drug rehab programs allow patients to spend as much time as they need to heal and recover from addiction.  These programs also have the following benefits:

  • Long term drug rehab gives patients a chance to recover at their own pace
  • Long term drug rehab allows the patient to get comfortable with the idea of recovery before being placed back into potentially dangerous situations that could trigger further drug abuse
  • Medical supervision is provided to ensure the safety of the patient
  • Counseling and therapy is provided to help the patient heal psychologically
  • Exercise programs, nutritional meals and other physical programs help the patient heal from a physical aspect
  • Long term drug rehab programs typically have a higher success rate than programs of a shorter duration