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Alternative Rehab

Alternative Rehab Program

Alternative rehab is a non-traditional way of addiction treatment.

For those who are not looking to take the traditional approach to treatment there are alternative rehab programs.  While these programs may differ greatly from one to the next there are some common grounds which can be expected from alternative rehab and these include the use of counseling, therapy and detox to ensure that the patient is safely getting the help and support that they need to overcome addiction.  Many alternative rehab programs use natural methods, holistic methods and traditional methods of treatment for a combined approach to overcoming addiction and regaining health and wellness.

Natural Methods in Alternative Rehab

Natural addiction treatment methods are often used in alternative rehab to assist patients in overcoming addiction both physically and psychologically.  During detox, natural herbs and food items are often used to help the patient reduce toxins in their bodies.  Exercise and other methods such as saunas or sweating out toxins are also used to help individuals recover and reduce their physical dependence on drugs or alcohol.  Alternative rehab programs do not always use natural methods of detoxing and healing but these are common ground for many alternative rehabilitation programs.

Holistic Methods in Alternative Rehab

Some alternative rehab programs choose to use a series of holistic care in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction.  Some of the holistic methods that are commonly used to treat addiction in alternative rehabilitation programs include acupuncture and massage to reduce pain or other discomforts, yoga and meditation to promote spiritual healing and relaxation, and traditional medicine to ensure that all bodily elements including mind, body and spirit are fully functioning and working together appropriately.

Traditional Treatment in Alternative Rehab

Alternative rehab programs often combine the natural and holistic methods with traditional treatment methods for a rounded approach to care and to the recovery of addiction.  Some of the traditional medical treatments that are used include medications to prevent or reduce the discomforts associated with withdrawal and detox, medications to help with underlying health conditions or mental health conditions and counseling to promote a healthy psych.  Together, traditional medicine when paired with other types of treatment in alternative rehab can make a great difference in whether a patient will respond effectively to the treatment and also in how long they will maintain their sobriety.