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Non 12 Step Drug Rehab

Non 12-Step Rehab Program

Non 12-step rehab is an alternative way of treating addiction.

Non twelve step drug rehab programs are based on the premise of medical and scientific evidence and facts versus a “higher power.”  Many of these programs include self-improvement programs and taking power over ones addiction rather than accepting that they have no control and that their recovery is ultimately up to God.  For those who do not respond well to spiritual programs or for those who have difficulty accepting that they are powerless and out of control, non 12 step drug rehab programs can provide a greater sense of addiction recovery by focusing the efforts more effectively on self-control, self-improvement and empowerment.

There are many non 12 step drug rehab programs and some do not have their own coined name while others do.  Basically any form of addiction rehabilitation that is set forth in an understandable program can be considered either twelve step or non twelve step depending on the foundation and principles of the program.  Programs that are not directly derived from the twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are considered non-12 step programs and include:  SMART Recovery, Rational Recovery and Women for Sobriety, Inc as well as various others.

SMART Recovery

SMART is an acronym that reflects Self Management and Recovery Training.  This type of non-12 step drug rehab program utilizes a series of seven stages that outline the way addiction begins, progresses and can lead to recovery or relapse.  The seven stages of change that are reflected in the SMART Recovery process include:

  1.  Precontemplation
  2. Contemplation
  3. Determination / Preparation
  4. Action
  5. Maintenance
  6. Relapse
  7. Termination

Each of these stages outlines a phase of addiction or recovery that the addict will go through at some point.  The SMART Recovery model is not a twelve step program but many individuals who are seeking recovery choose to pair the SMART Recovery model with a 12-step program to better understand the change process while still receiving the spiritual guidance of a twelve step program.

Rational Recovery

Rational Recovery is a self-guided recovery process that does not accept that alcoholism or drug addiction is a disease.  This non-12 step drug rehab program utilizes scientific evidence to assist those in recovery to learn new behaviors that prevent them from taking part in their previous actions that resulted in addiction.  Rational Recovery is the complete opposite of 12 step addiction recovery and, unlike SMART Recovery, cannot be used in conjunction with a twelve step program as the two theories and premises collide with one another.  Rational Recovery is a scientific approach whereas 12-step programs are spiritual.

Women for Sobriety, Inc

Women for Sobriety, Inc is not a feminist group that is against men or that badmouths men, they are simply a group that understands the very delicate needs when it comes to treating women who are addicted to drugs or alcohol.  This non-12 step drug rehab program does not allow men to be a part of the treatment only because men do not suffer from the same fragile problems with addiction.  These programs focus on family and relationship matters, sexuality and other issues that are close to women and encourage women to change their self-image while also changing their view of the world.