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Women Only Rehab

Women Only Rehab Program

Women only rehab is a great way for women to get specialized care.

Various different types of treatment modalities exist to ensure the best possible care for those in treatment and recovery programs.  For women, it is sometimes better to get specialized help in a facility that caters only to women and their individual needs.  Women only rehab centers provide patients with a safe, secure and drug free environment where only women can get the treatment and help they need to fully recover from addiction.

Why Choose Women Only Rehab?

Women have different emotional, psychological and physical reasons for which they abuse drugs and it can be very beneficial to have counselors who understand these unique issues to be on their side for assistance.  Studies show that men and women respond differently to rehab which is why for some women it is best to choose a woman only rehab program versus a traditional co-ed program.

Women are able to openly discuss personal, feminine matters during women only rehab and there is less likelihood for embarrassment or other psychological trauma to come out as a result of these conversations.  Women only rehab programs aim their treatment plans and routines around the very unique needs of women and recognize that women may need more therapeutic counseling, relationship building and other feminine methods of treatment than men do in order to recover from addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Treatments Offered at Women Only Rehab

Many different types of treatment are provided at women only rehab centers but for the most part the treatments are quite similar to those provided at men or co-ed rehabilitation programs.  These treatments include:

  • Detox
  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Therapy
  • Aftercare

Each type of treatment that is provided at these rehab programs takes a strong focus on helping women to overcome their individual problems (both physically and psychologically) in order to heal from pain, trauma and other issues that have resulted from addiction or which may have been present prior to addiction.  Recognizing that women are often depressed, some have children or have lost children, many have close ties to family or relationships and other issues, women only rehab centers focus treatment on the very specific and unique needs of women to ensure the greatest chance of successful treatment.